The Days Before

In a few days, my husband and I will take the kids on the annual “Edgar Family” reunion trip. We are looking forward to it, but it’s alot of stress. Mostly planning the packing, driving, sleeping, eating, and keeping the kids from being instantly bored for the whole trip. I think it might get harder with children being older. But it will be nice to get out and get some fresh air and get out from behind the Zion Curtain of Grand Utah and see the horizon of Idaho. (I say that because in the valley we live, we see no horizon. I never knew how much I would miss seeing a horizon stretching out in a great distance, until it wasn’t there)

And it will be great to see many family members, hopefully some we haven’t seen for a while.

Lookie at this picture:
On the bottom. My Finished Seraphim! Unblocked. I have to clean my bedroom to find my pins so I can block it. But it’s done. It took a bit more yarn than I thought (9 ounces) but it’s done. Maybe in the future I’ll dye it some lovely color, but right now I like it cream.

On top, gifts from my Secret pal. A strawberry candle and knitting notecards. How fun to be spoiled.

My next project for the next few weeks. Is a secret! But here’s a glimpse.

I finished the Da Vinci Code today. (skip if you love this book and believe it to be the gospel truth, though if you know me, what I say below won’t be any sort of surprise…)
My thoughts.
Entertaining. Not a bad read.
Might make a good movie. Check (though Tom Hanks as Langdon? ummm)

Fun read dealing with symbols and cryptology and very “Indiana Jones/National Treasure” type puzzles and poems. Yep!

Does it appeal to the culture I live in. With out a doubt.
There is a very large culture of Gnosticism, rich and secret society type symbols, and an air of the sacred goddess/feminine in this state. Course it matters who you talk to if they believe if Jesus was married, or had multiple wives and had children. It also goes much deeper than this book ever would. Some here believe that God is married, with a multitude of wives, that we have a Divine Mother, to get to heaven you must know sacred words and handshakes to get past guardian angels in heaven (aka Free Masonry), and that there is secret knowledge (gnos) that is/has been revealed to certain people during certain times through out history. But it varies person to person in this state, what they believe. Sort of a smorgasbord of faith. I can deal with that. It makes the state interesting, and the people in it, unique and never quite what you think!

But for me? Nah. I believe in absolutes. (big surprise eh) I think the Bible definitely teaches that while Christ is a Bridegroom, His Bride was not Mary Magdalene. Better yet, I’ll say it! I believe the teaching is that “I am His beloved Bride” (I hear snickers out there lol!!)

Having studied what I have, about the history of both Jesus and the Christian church, I give the Da Vinci Code a B+ for being an entertaining fictional read, but a D- for truthfulness.
It might have been a better book if the author himself didn’t get caught in his own written lies, believing them to be truth. Shrug. It’s fun to think about all the things it delves into at least.

But it means I can go back to my Fantasy novels (if you don’t count DVC as a certain modern day fantasy …) and that’s all that matters. I have 2 more books of Dragonlance to finish then I get to start reading my Robert Jordan series I’ve been waiting for years to tackle. (Unless I throw Eldest and Eragon on there before…) My Secret pal has even sent me 2 books! I have a nice collection started

Not sure if I’ll post before the family reunion. Probably if I get Seraphim blocked. I want to take her to my inlaws and show them that yes, I do knit, and more than just on looms lol.

Be Blessed.


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  1. Secret Pal

    Hope you have a great trip! Will there be lots of potatoes? Take UNO for the kids… could play that for hours. My guess for you next project? A tube top for your daughter (or maybe something more tame like a hat).

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