Seraphim Born

Seraphim, a shawl of angelic Beauty. When I first saw the shawl on Miriam’s page, I knew it was one I wanted to do. I was instantly drawn to the name. The Seraph, or Seraphim are mentioned mostly in the book of Isaiah in the Bible. There we find them surrounding the very throne of our Father, singing “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His glory.” They are said to have 6 wings, one to cover their eyes, lest they gaze upon His glory, to cover their feet, showing they are always respectful and submissive over the work He has for them, and one to fly to do the ministries He calls them to do, and are often depicted as full of energy and light, firey one, burning with their love for their Lord. They are at the top of the heirachy of angels. The “singers” of Heaven.

This shawl with it’s feather like lace was something I wanted to instantly knit. I enjoyed the pattern, though after doing a detailed pattern like Adamas, the beginning 100+ rows of plain stockinette stitch was getting tedious at the end. But it’s great, because if you made it that far, then you are not only almost done, but get to do the fun lace part.

I used a cream ‘dye your own’ type sock weight yarn. I decided not to dye it, keeping with the theme of the shawl, angelic. It’s not snow white, but that’s best, since I have children and I’m sure the shawl might take a beating. In the future I can always change my mind and dye it. I used 9 ounces, somewhere under 1000 yards. Only changes I made were to move the repeat markers here and there on some of the charts. Very minor.

Now, the pictures: (as always click on them to see bigger versions)





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8 responses to “Seraphim Born

  1. Oh my! Seraphim is so beautiful in cream. The pictures are fabulous and it must be ‘heavenly’ in person. Enjoy!!

  2. Wow, that looks great! Nice job!

  3. Secret Pal

    WOW! What an amazing piece of knitting. Good job.

  4. It’s really beautiful. I love it.

  5. Beautiful job and beautiful pattern! I went over and purchased it the moment I saw it. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Just beautiful. I hope you enjoy wearing it and your children can resist it.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Don’t dye it – the cream is perfect.

  8. Wow! The shawl is so pretty. It takes my breath away:D

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