Home from the Trip

I can tell you all about the trip, but it was mostly family stuff, so I won’t bore you. We played, We ate, We laughed, We ate… You get the idea.

Oh and Psst, the lost Hotdogs. The ones you couldn’t find the next day. Well, let’s just say, it was Rob! He did it. (Nod)

This was a year of few pictures. Last year we had all pictures of people. Hundreds of them, as we updated family pictures etc. This year, not many people were in a picture taking mood, so I mostly just took of scenery to show Cathie how much different my week long cabin stay was from hers.

So as always a reminder: To see bigger pictures, you can click on them.

Children Excited to Go:

Our Sleeping Cabin


Pinedell Lodge and the View from it’s front.


Overall a fun time. It was harder this year because we did have quite a bit of adults that didn’t show up. We have to sweep, mop, wipe down and disinfect all the surfaces in the cabins, lodge and showers before we leave. After a few days of little sleep and lots of walking back and forth, energy levels for intense cleaning is quite low. But, overall, it’s a nice place to have a Reunion.

It was Sunny and Peaceful. I didn’t get much knitting done (some looming for Isela’s Book though) Mostly just sat and watched the children play, and once in a while played a game of Ping Pong in the corner of the lodge.

Until next year!


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  1. Secret Pal

    Looks very woodsy. Glad you had a good time!

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