A Year of Knitting, and 12 Years of Life.

It’s been a year now since I started (re-started) knitting. And a year now that I started blogging about it. It was a good year, and I’m happy that I’m still keeping up on this hobby. I’ve tended in the past to pick up a hobby and keep it for a month or two (soap making, candle making, fabric dying etc) but I think knitting is here to stay. It’s relaxing, portable (unlike my quilting, which I still wouldn’t mind doing but I don’t have the room anymore in my apartment) and creates beautiful things.

Now, I’ve also learned though that knitting can have alot of ‘whoops, awe hecks and dang its” Such as with my Mountain Peaks Shawl I recently mostly finished. I had doubled the cobweb yarn and had estimated a extra 150 yards above what the pattern called for. But alas it wasn’t enough. I was going to be 10 grams short of what I needed. So here is Miss Mountain Peaks with out some of her peaks. It’s still pretty, but not quite what I wanted. I just don’t know if I can bring myself to knit another one. (give me a few months) I am very tired of p2togtbl (purl 2 together through back loop)….
So cheers to the Peakless Mountain Peak Shawl.

In other news, it’s been 12 years and 3 days, since we were doing this: (picture with oollllddd camera and scanned into computer using ooollllddd scanner many years ago)

Just a year before that we were doing this: (from highschool) What babies.

And now, look at us 12 years later. Daanng. Time Flies.

Here’s to 12×12 more years.



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2 responses to “A Year of Knitting, and 12 Years of Life.

  1. Secret Pal

    Congratulations! The shawl is not just pretty, it’s beautiful and stunning (illiciting a “Wow” in my mind since I’m reading at work). Is there any update on your secret project? What are you working on now?

    Congrats on your 12 year anniversary! That means… silk, linen, pearls, or jade… wow, that’s alot to choose from!

  2. Wow, Mountain Peaks looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your anniversary–wishing you many, many more.

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