I miss it.

It’s been four years since I set my hand to fabric and sent out my last package as Pieceful Creations. I had a home business where I mostly sold pre-cut fabric kits and pre-made quilt block for quilters and other crafters to use. I got to not only surround myself with wonderful colors and fabrics but met quite a few nice people.

I was looking through old cd-roms of pictures today and found a lot of the quilt blocks I had made and sold and I have to say I miss it. I miss the sewing, the rhythm, the ease of paper piecing miniture quilt blocks and seeing them come out in such pretty details. I miss the 1930’s reproduction fabrics in it’s pretty bright pastels, the muted Civil War reproductions, the Contempory Debbie Mumm fabrics and most of all the Stain Glass hand dyed fabrics. (Dyeing fabric is so much fun, I know if I ever started I couldn’t resist dying yarn. But I also can’t afford dyeing yarn right now, Koolaid or not. I’d want to use the acid dyes and it’s just a bad bad idea for me to get deeper into hobby debt)

But, for memory sake, I’m going to show you some of the quilt block kits I used to sell. These were 3 inch blocks of 9-12 that the person buying would later sew together, put a boarder and backing on and finish. I wonder how many of my little quilt tops are actually out there finished and hanging up in walls and in doll collections?

(Civil War Reproductions Pre-1900)

cwgooselogcabinbig.jpg(1930’s Reproductions – Flour and Seed and Feed Sack Reproductions)

rpchicagogeesebig.jpg(Stained Glass – Hand Dyed Fabric)


(Debbie Mumm Fabrics)

mublockaida.jpgYeah. I miss it.

(Nature’s Green – Present for Mother in Law ages ago)
Design: Mine

(Spring Blooms – Design Mine – Lost forever in a ‘box exchange’ that stalled out)

(Sunbonnet Sue in Spring – Applique Fabric of the Month Contest)

Maybe someday, when I get more room, a different home, less children, more money, I’ll pull out that sewing machine, dust it off, load up the paper piecing computer programs and sharpen my rotary cutter and make more blocks.




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2 responses to “I miss it.

  1. Spring Blossoms is gorgeous! Is it really lost…what a bummer.

  2. Tina, these are SO beautiful! It must have been hard to give up. Maybe you could make tiny quilt for your daughters’ dolls (maybe from some of their old clothes) if the mood strikes.

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