Secret Pal Summer 2006

I found my last secret pal 8 gift waiting on my doorstep today. Can it already be August? Is that possible?

I tore open the package hoping to finally discover my spoilers name/blog/ etc.
But what’s this?

Snort! Does she not know me that well? Making me wait to open something. Can you believe it? Me? Okay, so … so far, I haven’t opened it. But I know I probably won’t make it til the 31st. I just can’t. I’m not that type of person. I have such little self control…. (see I almost just opened it typing this!) How mean! Really Mean. Really. (giggle) Mean!

Lookie at the goodies:

Another great Robert Jordan book (number 4!) Vintage yarn and a great story behind it, including memories of the store that it was from in my own life, and a cute homemade Bunny! (not pictured, some interesting ‘new to me’ sweetners, and another Magazine. Could, after all this time the magazines be a clue to her identity. I had thought that perhaps they were just packing material, but now I am totally wondering… puts down the ‘secret envelope’)

Thanks for spoiling me! =) I’ve enjoyed it very much.

My own secret pal gift is heading out on wednesday. I wanted to take a few pictures of the 2 items I’ve made for it.

First, a homemade ‘face wash cloth’ made out of Pima Cotton and Modal (super soft and pretty)
Yep, it’s Shine from Knit Picks in Blush colorway

But something I hope she will like, and that went a bit out of my comfort zone is this
Yarn Jar. I found the Yarn Jar at a local store, and decorated it, including a matching stitch marker holder. I put 2 girls and one boy on it (hope she catches that) to remind her of her own children. I love the little froggies on it. You know how us knitters are always at the ‘Frog Pond’ when we make a mistake. (rip it, rip it, rip it) The Yarn Jar has a top that you can thread the yarn through and keep it from getting dirty while you knit it. It already has surprise yarn inside.




I hope my Secret Pal knows how much I’ve been thinking about her this summer.



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4 responses to “Secret Pal Summer 2006

  1. Hehehehe, bring the envelope on Thursday and I’ll look at it for you, hehehehe.

    I love that yarn jar–where did you get it, must tell me. Did you make the cute stitch markers?

  2. Tina, I had no idea that waiting would be so hard! 🙂 You can open the envelope if you want, it’s some clues to help you figure out who I am. Plus, I figured with the posts from the Secret Pal 8 that would help you too! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this so much. I have too! Let me know what you think of the sweetners once you get a chance to try them.

  3. Oh, LOVE the bunny holding the carrots! that is just to cute

  4. Jennifer

    I didn’t even notice about the kids on my yarn jar! How neat! thanks again for all the great goodies. I love them! the face cloth is beautiful! you did a wonderful job!

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