Knitting Again

Dear You,

As I have been promising, I was going to start knitting on the Mystery Stole along, but even though I finally received the yarn for the project I realized that after swatching I needed new needles. So I ordered some Knit Pick in size 3’s and waiting til they come. I’m not good at waiting. You know this. I complained and whined about my yarn being 17 days late. How will I survive waiting for needles.

With Knitting of course!

So, here are some current knits I have going

I just finished a Diamond and Squares Dishcloth in Apricot Shine (knitpicks) on size 4 needles.
Cute, and a destined for a future mini Christmas gift. Maybe even for you!


Next is a overdue Birthday gift (June 14th…) for my 4 year old. Dani, thankfully isn’t really caring that I’m taking this long. She has her yucky icky Mock Crochet loomed blanket and she’s happy with it looking like it does. But I’m not. So, after having her pick out the yarn, I started on this. And quickly got bored out of my mind. So for now, it’s the ‘what the heck, I’ll grab some knitting” knitting that sits around my computer chair. I haven’t had alot of ‘what the heck let’s knit” moments though lately. So it’s stalled. It’s Rubine Red in Caron.
Simple K20, p20, chunky checkers.

Using doubled Blue and Green Misti Alpaca I’m working away at the Princess Wrap Stole. I got the mistakes worked out and emailed the company who quickly fixed the PDF’s. I like the geometry of the pattern, but not so much my yarn choice. This is one of the “you bought the yarn you better use it” projects. Probably a Christmas gift for someone. Is it wrong to knit a gift with no one in mind?


Finally I’m using Knitpicks new Yarn Gloss (sock weight merino/silk) to try another Mountain Streams Scarf. I just don’t like ‘fuzzy’ yarns that hide all the details of lace, so I’d thought I’d try this. Not sure what I think yet, but it is showing off details. I think, for future projects I’m not a big fan of garter lace. Should I rip now and try to do the middle in a St st lace or just keep going. I don’t know. I really like the border but the middle is just sort of blah to me. I could easily put a different thing in the middle. Should I? Or just knit it, finish it, and then use the border for another lace project. hmmm…


There be my knitting! I’m sending my Secret Pal 8 her gift in the mail tomorrow (on Monday our Van goes in for dreaded ‘it’s making a weird sound’ work) Tomorrow night my mother and father in law are visiting and staying the night. Maybe I’ll talk them into going to Angies and sharing a ‘Kitchen Sink’ with us!

Cheers and Blessings, wish you were here and all that….



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3 responses to “Knitting Again

  1. Maybe it’s a gift to you! The lace looks lovely. I can’t believe summer is almost over…

  2. I’m just really learning lace, and I don’t think it’s working out overly well yet. They are telling me not to worry though because when I block it will look better.

    One pattern (Reid) just doesn’t look lacey at all so I’m thinking of frogging it and maybe doing it in a thinner yarn.

  3. Love the color of the Misti Alpaca doubled. I’m sure someone would love this as a Christmas gift. I bought the same Gloss yarn from Knitpicks. It is beautiful. Maybe you would like the pattern better on a bigger needle – might look better on the center pattern, or blocking might do the trick. Lovely knitting!

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