Of Planets and Tropical Storms

Dear You,

Remember when we were younger and we looked up into the great big night sky and said things like “Isn’t it Beautiful” and really thought someday we’d live on Mars. Ah how we’d study and learn our little planets by saying “My Very Elegant Mother, Just Served us Nine Pizzas” and giggle. But alas, we now have to mourn the loss of our Pizza’s. No longer will very elegant mothers in the universe serve nine pizzas or pickles or nifty popcorn. Nope. We are stuck with just plain Noodles, Nectarines and Nachos (all still good I suppose)

We hereby /mourn the demoted planet Pluto. Buhbye now. See ya! Stop in sometime.

You, as you can see, we did pick up 4 dwarf Planets. Ceres, Pluto, Charon and happy 2003UB313 (eh?)….. Now, will they consider our own moon a planet or a dwarf planet, or a giant thing of cheese. It doesn’t really orbit us, it shares our orbit. You, will remember, our high-school Astronomy teacher Mr. Guest who spent the whole year convincing us at that time that we actually had 10 planets not just 9. Alas, now we are down to 8. Time’s a changing!

So, for a few of You, out there, You know that lately our lives have been a bit stormy. I can’t/won’t/shouldn’t go into it on a blog but lets just say, the Atlantic Ocean isn’t the only thing that is currently surviving a Tropical Storm Debby! Hopefully for everyone, this tropical storm Debby and our tropical storm Debbie will calm down (I was going to say die out but that seems a little harsh) and not reach land (or the top of our stairs). Ever. Again. With sugar on top.


Talk to You, later.



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3 responses to “Of Planets and Tropical Storms

  1. *lol* I gigglesnorted 🙂

  2. Secret Pal

    Cool little lesson. Hope there are bright, bright, bright sunny days ahead.

  3. So are you entering Astronomy Magazine’s contest for the new planet mnemonic?

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