Knitting Languages

Dear You,

You said I should branch out and try new things. I can’t give up lace, but I can delve into new areas. So, I tried two new things this week.

1) Knitting in another language and
2) Knitting a circular lace item.

Both went terribly-well!

On a Lace knitting yahoogroup, I found this PoppyField “Heartfelt Doily” on the first day I joined. I immediately wanted to knit it.

I grabbed my size 3 new Knit Pick Needles, 1 hank of Dye your Own Lace from Knitpicks, 880 yards, and casted on. (after receiving the Legend and a brief translation in email) I ran out of yarn for the last 3 rows, but of course, this is me knitting so You know that I will always run out of yarn for every project I do. I’m okay with that now. I knew it would happen. I’m just very happy the yarn lasted as long as it did.

And of course here are the pictures and the closeups. I know, it looks a bit, uncircular. It’s my first blocking of a circle, so You will just have to deal with it. And as You probably know, my table isn’t a circle anyway. It’s a hexagon.

Oh, You probably want to know what it measures. Well the middle design is 24 inches and the complete ‘doily’ is 43 inches diameter. (Note to self, get a new bedspread that will make lace items that I am blocking look better!)




Next on my knitting journey. Finish up Danigirl’s play blanket and the Princess Wrap. Then I get to start the Mystery stole, finally.

Til Then,



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11 responses to “Knitting Languages

  1. Cat

    It is just beautiful 🙂 is it mine LOL just kidding maybe i will do it someday … maybe

  2. Looks great! Did you open your secret pal envelope yet?

  3. Patricia Dennis

    Congratulations! Your doily is beautiful. I would love to be able to make something like that..

  4. Iris Armstrong

    Beautiful work! I am going to have to take a closer look at that translation.

  5. Oh it’s BEAUTIFUL! I have yet to do a circular lace item… but I don’t ever use doilies, and I think a shawl that you have to fold over seems like a waste of knitting 😉 I’m so hard to please, I know.

  6. Wow, that looks AWESOME! You’re doing great at the lace knitting! I’m jealous!

  7. Sandra Almgren

    What a beautiful piece of knitting! I love the hearts! I’m generally not much interested in doilies, but this is a MAJOR exception! Thanks for sharing.

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