Birthday Golf

Dearest You,

The Son, wanted to have Mini Golf for his birthday activity, but the weather has been a bit grumpy lately. It was warm and sunny enough (until we left the house, walked to the van, and got to the place that is) on Tuesday so off we went to Mini Golf Land.

First the Son. He wants me to point out to You, that the Blue ball and not the Pink ball is his.
His style, not so bad!

As you know, D’oldest daughter is our only lefty in the family. This presents many problems. One of them, golfing. This is her going “eh, what the, huh” after a shot.

But, she got better at it.

D’youngest Daughter stormed the golf greens. Croquet Style.
Grandma would be proud.

And of course, the Dad, got in on the fun.
Wiggle it, just a little bit (oh sorry)

And for those of You, who want to know what the Mom looks like, well…


See You later,



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2 responses to “Birthday Golf

  1. I love all the pictures! You have mountains nearby?? Cool. Looks like a fun day, even if it was a little overcast.

  2. Love the kiddos–they look happy πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday again handsome boy πŸ™‚

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