Hicote Garden Shawl – Done

It’s finished. Hidcote Garden Shawl.

Yarn: 150 grams of Shadow, Jewel from Knitpicks
Needles: Size 2 pointy needles of flashy death, by Knitpicks
Lots of Stitch Markers.
Time: Sept 1st 2006 – Oct 4th 2006 (with side trips into cheating heart knitting)

Comments: Love it. Love it. Love it.

Humbleness Factor: I knew of 2 major problems in the shawl. 1) In the Field of Flower section there was a whole row off because I zoomed past it before waiting for a chart correction. Could deal with that 2) Problem with some of the double yarn overs in the lavender section. Something went horribly wrong, had to tink back 4 rows, and make it look almost kinda right in one section. Liveable. 3) Not found til I blocked it, a problem with the garden bed with a misplaced yarn over. UGH. (well more like *#$(& IT!) But, well, It’s way to far to fix it now eh? Guess a these errors show that even in shawl making, my ‘garden’ green thumb is dead. Black thumb!

My son was very cute though when he said “but mom, don’t start all over just for that error. I can hardly see it” lol ah nice.

Love the shawl and will be wearing it this weekend in SLC when I go to a Beth Moore convention (it’s a christian woman thing) Can’t wait!

Oh and it’s Huge. Even for me. And that’s just great!

Thanks for the pattern Mim.

Pictures: Pre-Block

Pictures: Post Blocked




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11 responses to “Hicote Garden Shawl – Done

  1. Wow! It’s STUNNING! I love that darker yarn. What a fabulous color to use!

    I’m just starting the double YO’s myself. With everything else going on that is taking away from my knitting time, I estimating another fortnight before I finish mine.

  2. Oh, & if you don’t mind my asking, how much space did it take up when you blocked it? & where did you end up blocking it? This will only be the second item I’ve ever blocked, so I’m trying to gather as many “tips” in advance as possible.

  3. very, very nice! i love the color!

  4. Wow, Wow, WOW!! I love the pictures of your blocked shawls. Always looks so amazing. If there are mistakes, I can’t see them. Do you use blocking wires for the top?

  5. It’s beautiful!! Very nice job of knitting and the color is elegant.

  6. Your shawl is gorgeous! I’m working on the Seraphim, it’s my first time with a chart…I’m worried. **sigh** But, I have started chart number one. Now, tell me about the lion in your photo!?!?! It too is beautiful.

  7. Kim

    Oooh, nice! Yet another mim creation to add to my to-knit list!

  8. Kelly E.

    I think your socks turned out really cute. And those shawls (did I spell that right?) wow. I would love some Pics of the kids.

  9. Such a beautiful shawl! I think the pattern is great!
    Love your color choice. I am starting mine now.

  10. Sheila

    Gorgeous! I love the deep color. It is great to see lace knit in colors.


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