Warning: Worship ahead.

This month is flying by fast. Which is a good thing. It means I don’t have to worry as much about the dwindling funds in the bank account if the time goes by fast. It’s my hubbies bday month (the 24th) so we will get a few special treats this month. The first being Take out Chinese. Nummy.

Last weekend was a great time. I went to a Living Proof Live conference in the E-center at SLC, with a group of ladies from our church. Beth Moore was the teacher and all I can say is OH wow. She really knows how to talk to us women about the issues in our lives and our faith. Her topic for SLC was the “Measureless Love and Power of God in our lives” It really spoke to me, but I won’t bore you with the details. But if you are struggling with always trying to measure up to someone, measure up for someone, or end up measuring God by someone, and it’s always just not working out, then there are really good reasons why. LoL.


I took some pictures but this one is really the only one I like. It’s the cross on top of my church.

Overall there were 4600 Christian ladies (from as far away as Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Colorado, Vegas, etc) at the E-center and 55 made a confession of faith. Amazing.

And the music? WOW oh WOW. I loved it! It had a bit of everything from the old hymns to make you dance type music. It was just really refreshing to not feel alone and have that many other believers that believe in the same Jesus and God that I do, worshipping together. (because in Utah, it really can feel like a desert of faith sometimes)

I have to admit that I just love to dance when I worship. I can’t help but move when some Praise songs are playing. Glad I have the freedom to dance my little (okay okay HUGE) bootie off! I danced so much, that I probably lost 10 lbs.

As one of the songs played said
Take the shackles off my feet so I
can dance
I just wanna praise You I just wanna praise You
You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
And I’m gonna praise You
I’m gonna praise, praise you”

… Oh yeah, dance dance dance. Love it.

Until next time (promise, knitting will return)
T. that crazy Christian “captive set free” type gal.

PS: What is with SLC area on Friday night at 11pm. We drove around and around and around, looking for something to eat and everything was closed. Sure, we were probably on the wrong street (think it was like 3300 south?) but the only thing that was finally open where we were was a Crown Burger. hmmph.



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2 responses to “Warning: Worship ahead.

  1. Wrong street for sure. Had you gone a little further west, where 3300 turns into 3500 you might have found a few more places that should’ve been open, like Denny’s and such. I’m glad you had a nicet ime at your conference.

  2. Beth Moore is wonderful. It sounds like your conference was great. I’m with you on dancing during worship.

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