October Stuff

First of all. I’m late, but….

I want to wish my Blue Eyed Prince
Happy Birthday*

love ya, always have, always will.


Okay, let’s start with, what most people come to this blog are here for. I HAVE been knitting. I’m not lying. I have. Really. And yes, it’s been lace, sort of.


  • 2 toe up socks (past the heel and bored to death…tempted to just break the yarn and say that’s it, but the reason I’m knitting them toe up was to use up the yarn….)
  • An Alpaca shawl 2 stranded using a blue and a green. I’m knitting it as a basic triangle until I get to the end and will knit on the Mountain Peaks boarder that I did not get to knit on my own MPS, because I ran out of yarn.
  • The reds and greens are Size 3 cotton lace Christmas presents and I’m not gonna say much about them. Knitting with cotton hurts my hands, so projects using that yarn takes me a while. (at least a while for me) The green is a ROE for those that know what ROE means, but that’s all I’m going to say…

Okay, so there is proof, that I haven’t abandoned the great world of knitting. I sneak it in usually in the morning.


The kids*** pictures came back . I’m a little freaked out that I have a daughter who is almost 11. How in the … world… can that be. And to me, in this picture she looks older than 11!
Eep! Eek! Iep!

These aren’t very good pictures, because I used my camera to take a picture of a picture… Those of you who know me, will get hard copies… eventually… probably. You might need to send me an address if you want one though lol. Yeah I know. One child is missing, and she noticed this year. We’ll try to do something about that. (and look at that dimple on my redhead#1 – swoon)




On Voting: I’ve decided who I’m going to vote for. For those that know me as the radical, right wing republican might be surprised that I will not, never will, can not vote for Mr. Orrin Hatch. (gasp) If you are interested in knowing who this dye in the wool conservative is voting for, let me know. You might be surprised! (or not…)

(yes I went *** happy, but I love reading blogs that have them and so… there.)

* His birthday was on Tuesday. He’s 32. Shh don’t tell him I told ya

** Ahnoola is a made up word that was created while we were dating to say “I love you” with out saying “I love you” Weird? Special? Yep. ‘All humans need only one love always”

*** Kids: Definition — What the baby in the family call the older 2 siblings. She is not, will not, never has been part of the ‘kids’. “The kids will be coming home from school soon” “Mom, the kids took my dessert” “Moooom the Kids are so mean to me” etc. Poor thing.


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One response to “October Stuff

  1. jonathan

    I love you, too.

    PS. Better late than never.

    PSS. Late??

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