Thoughts on Socks

Been knitting my first toe up socks. Messed up the short row heel pretty badly, but since these are going to just be plain socks, to get rid of the yarn from my stash, and to try a new technique, it’s okay.

But it has me thinking.

I like the idea of toe up socks. Knit until you run out of yarn, get the full use out of your $$.

I like heel flaps. Just me. EoP strikes me as simply great.

I know that there is a way to knit a heel flap while going toe up, but even the Ms. Mim is playing around with that idea and if it’s taking her a while to tweak it enough that she likes it, I really don’t know if I’m up to it. I’m not a superwoman knitter.

So… my thoughts…

Experiment 1: (Basic St st Socks)

Most of my socks I knit with 56 stitches. What if I did a Provisional cast on of 56 stitches (that right there could be a problem, but thats’ another post.)

Knit a few rows in basic St st and then begin the heel and flap, the foot and finish the toe.
Yeah I know that’s called an anklet. I’m a genius.

But the magic part. GO back to the P. cast on, undo it, put it back on needles and start knitting the other directions, up the leg…

I realize for lace parts this could be messy, probably inpossible. Unless I find the perfect lace pattern that can be flipped. Cables might work… hmm.

But those plain socks (think “wanna make my man a sock” or, “this yarn has been staring at me so long I hate it”) this could work?

Or, what am I not seeing? Will it work. Will it not work. What do you think?




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4 responses to “Thoughts on Socks

  1. Have you considered knitting toe up socks a la Queen Kahuna? She does hers toe up, simultaneously using two circular needles. I love it, and you can do a traditional heel flap using her method….

  2. I gave up on toe-up socks because of difficulties casting off loosely enough. I know there are lots of methods out there, but none was ever 100% satisfactory to me.

  3. Yeah, I think it would work for plain socks… although you might end up being short one stitch when you pick up the provisional CO. The heel flap method that Cookie’s used on Baudelaire (in knitty) worked really well, but I just thought the heel flap ended up too short, and not reinforced enough, so I’m going to be tweaking it for that, but that’s easy enough to do. I just have been too busy to get around to the calculations (I will do them after I finish this pair of socks for my brother though so that I can finish the Celtic sock pattern. But give it a shot and see how it works šŸ™‚

  4. Hi! I’m no sock expert, so I can’t help you there. But if you want to know what Hidcote looks like in pale moss-green, check my blog. I’ve only got bindoff pictures up so far, since Blogger is temporarily down for maintenence, but I’ll be posting my “Tales of Blocking” post soon.

    I really enjoyed it, & I love how yours looks with the darker color, so I may knit a second Hidcote a few years down the road. That is, after I do Icarus, & Mountain Peaks, & probably a Seraphim for my mom, & maybe whatever else Mim comes up with in the meantime… You get the idea. šŸ˜‰

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