Knitting a Bit

I’ve been knitting more. I started a shawl, using Shadow from Knitpicks. It’s in the Oregon Coast Colorway. I thought I’d like this colorway but it’s not really singing to me yet. I didn’t take any pictures of it.

But there are 2 other projects I have underway.

I continued on my way trying to find a toe up sock pattern I thought I would like. And I think I might have found it. My last attempt at toe up socks involved short rows, and it didn’t really go so well. This pattern (here) doesn’t use short rows, and it has what looks like a heel flap. I’ve had to changed the pattern a bit (mostly with the heel extension) so when I pick up stitches I didn’t get holes, but I think it just might work. Also I was happy to notice (after fudging around with math for a day) that at the very top of the page she includes another page for other size socks! Yippee. I’m knitting these on size 2 needles over 56 stitches using a discontinued Knitpick (super soft) sock yarn in a very weird colorway. I’m sure when I bought this yarn it had to have looked better on the computer screen. Greens and purples, and yellows? What was I thinking. But it’s been nice yarn that’s been behaving for me. It started pooling a bit more than I liked during the gusset increases but it’s livable for now. Otherwise it’s been stripping in a sort of spiral way quite nicely.


My second project involves a request I received from a wonderful gal at church. She’s living with ALS and asked me if I could knit her a mitten that has the thumb and first finger free. I had no idea such a pattern out there even existed, but when I sent out a pattern call I got boat load of pages back. So, I’m stretching myself a bit and knitting my first Mitten and Glove. I’m using this pattern (Here) but modified it to fit my hand. This is more a test knit to see what I might need to change to fit hers. I even surprise myself at how well I’m doing at it.


Peanut is doing well. I’m in that stage of pregnancy that’s a bit weird. The first trimester (I’m 12 weeks plus a few days) is mostly over, and the sickness with it is mostly gone. I’m still unbelievably exhausted all the time, but then again, when am I not. (grin) But I’m not sick, nothing is really sore. That’s the plus side. But I’m also not showing (I’m a chubby gal, while I can pretend that fat out there on my tummy is a baby, I know that the fat out there isn’t from the 1.5 inch baby, more like the dark chocolate Hershey kisses…..) I don’t feel the baby move yet. So, it’s kinda a “oh yeah, I’m pregnant huh” feeling. Kinda a: “maybe I’m not really PG…. maybe it’s just a dream, or a mix up.” That will change in about another 6 or 8 weeks when I start feeling the baby flutter around but until then I’m usually only reminded I’m pregnant when I get a migraine and can’t take my regular medicine to get rid of it….

We decorated for Christmas this year, with a Tree. (don’t faint those of you out there) I’ll take pictures and post them soon!

Merry Christmas.



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2 responses to “Knitting a Bit

  1. I remember when I was first pregnant with Matthew. We called him Cashew. Funny how we associate our babies with nuts. LOL! And just remember, any of those hershey kisses you ate after conception was what the baby wanted. You have to eat this for the baby, the baby wants that. It’s all about the baby, not you, so any weight gained? Truly the baby’s fault 😉 This is number 4 for you, correct? Will you be finding out what it is at your routine ultrasound, or waiting for the surprise at birth? I can’t wait! I am so excited for you!!!!

  2. Glad you’re feeling alright and that your pregnancy is going well. Did you put up the tree yourself or did the family help? Can’t wait to see pictures… no tree for me this year, but I enjoy looking at other people’s.

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