It’s Beginning to look a little bit like


We’ve decorated! Now for most people this wouldn’t be an odd thing to do, since it is the season to decorate, but there have been years in the past we didn’t. Or if we had, it was very simple.

Well this year we went way out (at least for us)

And got a Tree! And Candy Canes to hang on it.
The Star is from my childhood tree.

Thanks to some special Christmas Angels from our children’s school our tree has many of presents under it this year. (although some of those presents are for family in Idaho too) We are blessed. Christmas count? Hmm Kids 10 each? Jon 1, and me none. Boohoo. I will cry.
Okay okay. Pity party over, it’s the cost of being a mom. (not that I don’t get plenty of stuff during the year hehe)

Here’s the corner Deonna decorated. It’s the attack of the Giant Angel on the poor Holy Family and Friends.giantangel2006.jpg

And here’s our favorite Nativity:

I think it’s so cute. Look at the little Lamb.

There! See. We did decorate!
Merry Christmas


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  1. Love the pictures Tina! Your place looks so festive. I love the idea of Christmas mittens.

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