Knitting Update

Whoosh I’ve been busy. Knitting knitting knitting.
I’ve past the half way point of the Sister in law’s shawl and now the hard part starts.
I get bored easily
I don’t like knitting stuff I’ve already knitted
This shawl is knitted middle out, thus I’ve knitted the charts once, now I have to reknit them.

But here are some pictures of my progress. These are of course, unblocked, and of course look terrible, but they will do to show my progress. It was also a test run on what I will need to block it. I don’t have any blocking wires, (and no money for them so far), and this is one of the first shawls I’m really worried about straight edges. Ideas? I was thinking of using 2 lines of tape on the floor with measurement that I want and then lots and lots of pins to stretch them to those 2 lines…..?



Dani wanted to help me ‘pretty the shawl’

(yes she dresses herself and even though I’ve tried to tell her that
as a red head she can’t wear pink or red you know those “fashion rules” and all

And I’m glad she doesn’t!)



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2 responses to “Knitting Update

  1. Looks good so far! Keep up the good work.

  2. a reader

    Other than the obvious tag in front, I think she looks darling in that shirt! Actually the tag in front is sort of darling too! 😉

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