How Not to Knit

This Blog post either to show:

How not to knit a Baby Blanket.
How to knit a swatch.

Which is it?


I’m about to give up:

Am I a knitter?: I like to think I am.
Am I pregnant?: Yep.
Should I be knitting for my upcoming baby?: Yes????

I feel guilty. I feel like I am suppose to be knitting for Baby M. I’m a knitter. Knitters knit things. Knitters are especially suppose to knit baby things. Right? So why can’t I? I’ve looked all over the net for patterns. None really speak to me. They either look really fugly to me (I wouldn’t wear it why would I make my baby wear it) weird colors, way to bulky, or just way to much time spent on something that will be spit up on or grown out of in a week. I’m at a loss and lost in a deep mire pit of self-imposed mommy knitting guilt.

So I tried to knit a baby blanket. That’s a good place to start, I was led to believe. I had sock yarn, I found a pattern, I knitted. (even changed the middle a bit with p2togtbl to get perfect center decreases)

And I got what you see above. Don’t look to long, you’ll go blind. (although I must admit the cute butterfly pins are darling…)

Icky. It’s tiny, it’s not square (no matter how hard I tug it into submission), I don’t mind the colors though, and I do have enough yarn left over for a hat. But what should I do with my baby blanket turned huge swatch? Frog it? Start over? Give it to my daughter for a doll blanket? Can you frog and reuse something that’s been blocked?

Face it. I’m a Mommy Knitter Disaster. No matching cute hat,, or sweater or socks and blankets in my kids future. There is no hope.

*~* Willing to buy your hand knitted baby items. *~*



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4 responses to “How Not to Knit

  1. hehehe, it is not so bad. I like it! And the baby won’t know the difference. When she cuddles it she won’t know that it is not a perfect square :). Don’t frog it, it is cute!

  2. I dont’ see why you couldn’t frog and reuse it. People recycle wool and such from other garments all the time!

    What does the M stand for in Baby M?

  3. It’s cute! The colours are nice and shape only matters if you think it does.

  4. La

    Sweetie, try my baby blanket pattern. It’s free, easy, and engaging! And you KNOW it’s foolproof (because one designed it)

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