This Just In:

Ladydove, of Logan, was last seen with a empty look in her eyes, reams of 14 x 8.5 paper, graph paper, and pencil smudges on her face. It was said she was leafing through a knitting book. If you find her, tell her to go home, and go to bed.

She was heard mumbling, “I can design a shawl. I know I can! I’ll make it work.”

Please be advised, she’s probably not armed, and not dangerous, just lost in a myriad of “o’s and slashes” Take pity on her and send her lots of chocolate (and stitch markers)




Filed under Lace Knitting

4 responses to “Designing

  1. That is looking really great! You can do it 🙂

  2. That is looking FREAKING. AWESOME!

  3. oh dear.. oh my.. yup.. heheheh

  4. I couldn’t find an email address for you however I saw the beautiful “Purple Passion” felted bag on your blog and am wondering if you have a pettern for it & if you would be willing to teach it to our loom knitter’s Classroom students (providing it was done on a loom :o)
    Please contact me for further details.

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