Sneak Peak

Some of you commented on my recent “head long dash” into shawl designing. Well so far it’s going well. I wanted to show you a picture of what the shawl should look like when done. (Note: Half the the shawl that is, while this can be knitted bottom up, as the picture shows, it’s really being knitted top down, so each side of the shawl will be a repeat image)

Here is a photo of the design on my computer screen.

You’ll probably have to click on it to really view more of the details.

It might be to busy of a shawl, and I’m not really sure what the edging is going to look like when it’s done (aka how will it block out) but it’s my first try and it’s been and will be a learning experience.


In weather news, after almost all the snow had melted from our lawn, it snowed again last night.


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