Rain Falls

This is Olivia Faith.


We’ve been praying for her. For God’s will for her. She ‘s been ill, her little heart just couldn’t keep up with the huge spirit she was given…

It’s been hard for many of us, even us who have never met her in person, but know her parents, her twin brothers, her older sister.

The answers to “why” sometimes seems so silently unfair…
Her fighting spirit and such a struggle, seems so special…
The doctors inability to fix what is wrong, seems so scary…
The faith and love of her parents, seems so strong …
and our pleading and prayers seem …. well… words fail me.

Today, Olivia Faith went to a home we all look forward to and
cry when someone we love goes there.

The rain falls. His rain.

(modified from a song I used to sing my son when he was a baby)

Don’t you fret, sweet Olivia
You won’t feel any pain.
A little drop of rain, can hardly hurt you now
You’re home, that’s all we need to know.

And He will keep you safe, and He will keep you warm
and His rain, will make our flowers Grow.

The rain that brought you here, was heaven blessed
The clouds disappear and you’re at rest
A breath away from where we are.
Welcome home, little star.

So, don’t you fret, Dear Olivia
You don’t feel any pain
And that little drop of rain, won’t ever hurt you now…..

Sweet Dreams Olivia. Spring is coming, and you are already a beautiful flower in heaven’s garden.




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3 responses to “Rain Falls

  1. She is so beautiful, sweet dreams little love.

  2. T, I am so sorry. I don’t know the little angel but your post touched me deeply. You have a huge heart–and I just want to hug you right now.

  3. Kim

    That just breaks my heart. My oldest dd passed away at 8 months, 8 days. This was 3.5 years ago. Please pass along my sympathies to the family of this sweet angel.

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