Coco Rose Sweater

Another finished baby sweater (wow this one went fast) I followed the same pattern as the one in the below post, but changed it a bit. I knitted in the round until it came to divide for the front and back, and knitted the sleeves in the round for the 4.5 inch (newborn) then knitted back and forth. I think that made it go so much more quicker. In the future, I think I’m going to make another one with the button band all the way down the front. I’ll knit the sleeves in the round though for the length needed.

I also did a wider bit of seed stitch on the edges and button band. I think it helped with rolling. I didn’t have enough yarn for a hoodie though, so this one goes with out. I got the yarn at Joanns and it’s baby friendly, wash it and toss it acrylic. I am still looking for a pattern where I can find some nice soft (maybe shine from knitpicks) cotton yarn for a summer sweater. But I’m on a roll with this pattern.

I believe I’m going to gift this to a New grandma at church for her granddaughter. She’s one of the few ‘real life’ people who have shown interested in my knitting and have asked if I would knit something for her before.



Yesterday I shared fabric I’m hoping to use for a Moby Wrap. Nicole, one of my 3 faithful readers (grin) asked if I thought a Wrap could be knitted. While I guess it’s possible, and I had thought about it after not finding good fabric on my first few trips (read: fabric on sale) I’m not sure it’s doable.

First, Moby wraps are 24 inches wide by 6 yards long. That’s alot of knitting. They need to have some give, so stretchy fabrics are used. Knitting definitely creates a fabric that has give, but sometimes it’s to much give, and sometimes not enough. I would be afraid that unless it’s quite thin yarn (sock weight or below?) the wrap might just be to heavy. 6 yards really adds up. Still knitting 24 inch wide (say you got 4 stitches to an inch, that would be near 100 stitches) for 6 yards. (if you got 4 rows to an inch that would be ummm18 feet x 12 inches = 216 inches x 4.. 864 rows??? eeek)

A true moby wrap, really isn’t that expensive, and I thought about buying one. I still might, because then I’d have the right fabric and they taper the ends so you don’t have all the bulk at the end when tieing your knots. It’s hard to judge what will and won’t work when I don’t have anything other than a light weight baby doll to carry around the house lol…..

I’m not 100% sure the fabric I bought will really be doable in the summer weather. I looked for a cotton knit blend, but all they had was polyester. (unless I wanted to buy the $5 to $6 dollar a yard fabric which would have been silly when I can get a true moby for $30 to $40.00) I couldn’t pass up this fabric though, since it was only 1.76 a yard and in pretty colors I like. So I’ll try it. I need to finish sizing it soon, as it was much wider than 24 inches. I may or may not seam it. If it doesn’t work, maybe I’ll be able to make a little dress or skirt for the 4 year old.



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3 responses to “Coco Rose Sweater

  1. What a cute sweater! I love the colours. I’ve been using Lily cotton to do my baby knitting for friends but mostly that’s for baby bibs. Red Heart soft is a great machine washable acrylic but probably too warm for summer.

  2. Cat

    This is very cute 🙂 I love the colors

  3. I Own a moby and love it. They do get warm though in the summer. I use mine a lot though.. as well as my sling from
    Mei Tais are nice for the summer though if you need more support.
    I got a mei tai from

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