Ideas ahead

Last night J and I watched that Herbie movie (the newer one) It wasn’t to bad, I think the kids might like it. While watching it I set about designing my ‘easy to knit, but won’t bore the death out of me baby blanket that will not have lace in it’ (abbreviated as: Etkbwbtdoombbtwnhlii) …. anyone but me see the word DOOM in the middle of that? uhoh.

My idea: Light purple yarn. Knitted in stripes. Purls and Knits only allowed. Textured stripes with seed stitch stripes, knit til bored or the pound of yarn runs out.

Will see how it works (doom doom doom doom) I casted on the 207 (whoops 209 darn math) stitches and sit there with it ready to knit the seed stitch edging (k1,p1, repeat forever and an inch)

In other news, I knitted 2 whole rows on my Project: Design a Shawl. I’m up to row 80 now.
(click to see larger)

The new Issue of Knitty is out and has some pretty patterns (I didn’t go eww so much this time with this issue)

But my friend Isela of Purling sprite is published in it this time! Check her out.
How to knit needle free

With her new Loom Knitting book published and out and well loved by all who have it, and an upcoming appearance on Knitty Gritty, she’s famous! And I knew her when.. (rofl)


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