A Bit of a Funny

The below arrived in my email today.
I laughed.
By sharing this with you I am not: Making a religious statement nor a political one. I can if you want though (grin)

I’m just sharing what I thought was pretty darn funny.

(those of you who do not live where I do might not get some of these, but trust me, they are a tiny bit funny)

Top ten
reasons to vote for Mitt for President

10) The National
Cathedral could be renamed the National Tabernacle

9) NASA could
commission a satellite to ‘hie to Kolob’

8) The Secret Service could
be renamed the Sacred Service

7) All official government prayers could
include the phrase ‘that we all can get home safely’

6) Napoleon
Dynamite could get someone other than Pedro elected

5) The President
could not only explain things in Layman’s terms, but also Lemuel’s terms
4) The President could issue pardons in exchange for 100% home

3) Not only could he pronounce ‘Nuclear’ but also ‘Mahonri
Moriancumer’ and
‘Maher Shalal Hash Baz’.

2) At his inauguration he would swear on the
Bible ‘as far as it is translated correctly’

1) Finally a first family
large enough to fill up the White House

(Pastor Dave Roberts in Sandy, UT)



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2 responses to “A Bit of a Funny

  1. This IS funny. Although I lived in Boston for three years, only recently did I learn that Mitt was Mormon. That’s not something you hear and forget.

  2. Susan


    I think you posted this for when I got aorund to reading your blog- pretty funny if you ask me.

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