103 Days


and counting…

Been living in apartments all of my adult married life. Such as that is, there is very little garden space.

I grew up with a backyard and gardens and a house full of live, growing plants (and animals but that’s a big no-no in this apartment complex) Maybe my thinking about a new baby, and life, has me thinking about my childhood. Or maybe I’m feeling the need to nurture something. Either way, I went to Walmart this Wednesday night and looked around the garden center.

I was sad. I realized, somehow, even growing up with plants galore around me, I failed to get passed down any real special talent and latent knowledge about how to deal with them. I saw alot of pretty plants but then fear gripped me with the knowledge that they would need replanted, watered, cared for etc. I panicked.

I have, in the past, tried growing stuff. It didn’t work very well (cha cha cha chia!) But I’m older and wiser now, so maybe this time, it will be okay…..

And, I’m cheap. I just can’t bring myself to buy a 5 or 10 or 16.00 plant (even if it’s pretty) knowing I’ll kill it with in weeks. So I found these 2 kits. Baby Tomatoes and Jalepeno Peppers, for 2.00 each!

That’s more like it.
The kids are excited, and waiting for Tom (in the green pot) and Peppa (in the red – for hot!) pot to grow. (named by my oldest) I’ve told them not to hold their breath. But it’s all good fun…

It’s not a cat or dog or fish (fish! *J* I could do fish again, really, cute little neons… I mean when they die they don’t turn into what ever our last fish did…. shiver… okay I know, I know) but it’s life…maybe…

Day 3 of the Growing Experience




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3 responses to “103 Days

  1. Most of the members of my family have green thumbs. My Dad has a rose garden that covers the entire front lawn. My Mom has tons of indoor plants. My brother studied plants in school. Me? For the most part, all I can handle is a sprig of pathos in a jar of water. Beyond that, it gets a little dicey!

  2. A fish? are you sure…

  3. Susan

    My fish haven’t died since the baby last feed them, but the plants just can’t keep those alive. At least with fish they can have everything pretty automated- I’m giving up on plants until they can make those all automated as well.

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