How I spent my Friday

A year an half ago we took my youngest to a dentist. He told us that while he knew she needed work, especially on her front teeth that we should wait til she was around 5 to do it. I finally waited as long as I could and today she had her teeth fixed.

Because of the relatively bad advice from that other dentist, the work was alot more extensive and she needed out patient surgery at the hospital. They had to put her to sleep, IV’s, not eating for 12 plus hours etc. Not fun, but she made it through better than we did, and she looks great.

Here is a before: Still my pretty girl!

Waking up: The staff here was great.

A little Swollen and shaken, but beautiful new teeth!

I’m wiped! My adrenaline rush is GONE. I feel beat up!

I got my yarn for a test knit I’m doing, but waiting still for the pattern. Until then I bought some Micro Spun to make a few chemo hats out of (and possibly baby hats and socks)

Hugs to all! And happy Resurrection Weekend.



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3 responses to “How I spent my Friday

  1. Poor little one. She is beautiful!

  2. Beware of the Micro Spun. It’s terribly splitty. I made a pair of mittens for someone once and they near drove me to drink back when I wouldn’t have been drinking.

  3. Pretty new teeth!

    I just knit a pair of baby socks from microspun for a friend of mine who is due next month.

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