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Poor Dani-girl was up most of last night being sick. Not sure if it was left over medicines in her system finally working themselves out or what. But it makes one tired mommy. I know in a few months I’ll be up most of the nights and miss my sleep, but feeding a baby and taking care of a sick girl who keeps crying “I want daddy” is hard. (sorry but Daddy is sleeping cuz he has to work tomorrow)

Here are some projects I’m working on or finished past few weeks that haven’t made it to the blog.

I’m a brand new test knitter for Knitpicks. I’m excited in that the first commission work will pay for the Baby Crib. I can’t really give you much details, but here’s a picture.

Color of course is off. It’s Fired Brick, think brick red. I get to keep doing that for oh, roughly over 77,000 more stitches, then get to do other things with it lol.

The 2 Microspun hats. Patterns found at the website.


A Crochet Doily. It was going to be for my new-2-me coffee table but it’s to big. It’s about 25 by 20 inches. It reminded me why I don’t crochet much anymore. It took forever, but it looks okay on the shelf I chose for it’s home.



A scrap baby (? something) (again not big enough for a blanket.. but be okay for a burp cloth or at least something to lay the baby’s head on that’s really soft, or throw over the carseat to keep out sun. I used my left over skeins and pieces of shine cotton (knitpicks) and knitted it from the center out using increases found commonly in triangle shawls (yo, k1, yo) Instead of keeping the YO’s open though, on the next row, I knitted them through the back loop to close them up a bit.

I have a pink baby yarn version of this started that I’ll work on and off when I get tired of knitting the 77,000 test knit stitches lol.

85 days left and counting til Baby M. (name available on request, but it’s a secret for some)




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2 responses to “My projects

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! Nesting? đŸ™‚ I love the hats. How did you get to be a test knitter for Knit Picks???

  2. Stephanie Jean-Louis

    I love that blanket! How did you start it??? On dps, similar to the pinwheel?

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