77 Days – How Lucky

Baby M has 77 more days to Cook. (Bake? Chill? Wiggle?)


Not sure yet how my current ‘baby’ feels about it. I think she’s still pretty clueless.
All she knows is that the baby will live in her room and watch tv with her…… oi!
Some people say we look alike.. what do you think:
BAD HAIR DAY! woohoo lol

Test Knitting continues. I test knitted part of the test knit, while waiting for additional yarn.



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2 responses to “77 Days – How Lucky

  1. Tina- thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I sometimes get so busy I forget to say hi back, but I appreciate it! I actually was checking out your site last weekend, but I think I got there from Rob’s site to your husbands and then on to yours! How exciting! Do you go to Maranatha? We actually stayed with Matt and Barbara on our night in Logan . . .

    I’m impressed with the knitting! I started last year and haven’t moved beyond scarves . . . I’m slow like that!

    Your redhead is beautiful! Is she the one who recently had the dental work that I seem to remember reading about?

    Firefox- I’m slowly training myself away from Explorer, but it’s hard to do!

    Thanks again for stopping by!


  2. Susan

    How is it your bad hair day is the way my hair looks on a good hair day?? Just have to complain here since you opened the can of worms about my horrid hair here too as well!

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