April Pictures

This post will be full of pictures.

On Friday my children had their annual Spring Concert at school. So J and I took time off and went to see their talent. I have video but they are pretty big files so you’ll have to just enjoy a few snap shots. When I see some of you next I’ll try and bring a cd with them singing if you are interested.




It’s been pretty spring days here past few days. Record highs

It’s been over a month now on our Plant Pets. Peppa in the red (jalapeño peppers) and Tom in the green (baby tomatoes) So far, so good, except I know the time is coming that I’ll need to pick who survives and who dies….. aka replant.



Knitting News:
My test knit is Done! I’ll be shipping it off to Knit Picks tomorrow. I still can’t tell you what it is or show pictures (they’ll take better pictures than I could anyway) but here are a few things I learned from this test knit:

1) I cord bind off

2) Applique involving 2 knitted pieces (quilting experience was a good thing for this)

3) Color work

Now that it’s done I can return to my regular knitting schedule. Baby Blankets and Design Shawl

65 days left til Baby M is due. Hope may goes by fast. Starting to plan the summer activities both indoor and outdoor for the kids. Any one have ideas?T.


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