51 Days

51 Days til Baby M is here.

I’m waiting for yarn for another Test Knit (it involves lace and sweater shaping… should be interesting. I have til June 20th to get it knitted, but it always makes me anxious when the yarn takes so long… 10 days since shipment so far…)

In the mean time I finished, finally, one usable baby blanket!

I made it using 100% pima cotton (Crayon) from Knitpicks. It didn’t take much yarn at all and is about 37 inches square, unblocked. I’m not real sure how long it will stay together and not mat up into a scruffy looking blob, but it should be usable for a bit.



My friend, Cathie sent me flowers for Mommy Day. Pretty Huh. The orange ones are starting to open wide and they look a bit Hawaiian to me.

We had a yard sale on Saturday, selling a bunch of my old quilt and sewing items and fabrics. It went well but I overdid it and my body is paying for it. Here’s hoping my back snaps out of it. It’s been relatively calm this pregnancy and I haven’t needed physical therapy.

Oh, and I don’t have a picture but I”m excited because the gal next to me was selling a Moses Basket for 10.00 at her yard sale so I snapped it up very quick! Now my idea of a laundry basket, foam and sheets won’t have to be done lol. The baby can have a real basket to sleep in for a few weeks around the house. Speaking of houses, we are still on our ‘new place to live’ look out. Hasn’t’ looked promising yet though.


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  1. I love the colours! Hope your back feels better.

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