Cure for Nesting

You’ve probably heard that many pregnant gals near the end of their time as human incubator get an uncontrollable urge to Nest. The urge to clean, organize, get ready, brood, etc.

I have the CURE!

Move. Pack up your whole nest and put it somewhere else. It works.


We are at the end of our 2 week frantic move. Things are settled, pictures are up on the wall, my kitchen sink is shiny, dinner is planned and in the process. I even vacuumed a bit. I’ve been rewarded with hiccups from Baby M. Bad news: We have to pay rent at the ‘OLD yucky place’ for June and still clean it all up. Yikes. There goes what savings we had… but got to do what you got to do, especially when they threaten you with things like ‘collection agency and some mumbo jumbo about implied this and thats…” Burning with anger… really…. but will get over it.

I have 35 days left.

I know I haven’t posted in a while so I’ll just throw out some pictures. I’m a bit unorganized on the whole computer/bills/life still, but my house is clean =)

A test knit due June 20th. I’m having second Sleeve-itus. (yep it has sleeves)

Our Floor plan

(did I mention I have lots of drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. Drawers. Imagine that!)



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  1. Too bad about the rent. Glad you’re settled though!

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