Family Fun

On a search for more ‘family fun ideas’ that got my kids (and me I suppose) unplugged from video/computer/tv this summer and involving some kind of craft I thought up this new ‘game’

Not sure what we will call it yet, but here is how it went.

On a recent trip out to the store, I took a stack of index cards and a marker. Not telling my kids what it was for, I asked them to think of simple nouns in various categories. Food, stuff you do at school, things at home etc. They rattled off a number of nouns and I wrote them down quickly.

While at the store we bought enough play dough that each person could have their own color.

When game time came, we randomly pulled out a card, set the timer from 3 to 7 minutes and had fun ‘making’ the word on the card, trying to think out of the box if we needed to.

Here are the pictures from the first round.

Blue = J
Green = Mike
Red = Deonna
Pink = Dani
Orange = Me


Baseball bat: Notice J went out of his way and created a bat, ball and glove. Deonna has bases and a man with a bat.


Beds: Mines a bunkbed. Look at Deonna. It even looks like the covers are rolled back. J’s looks a bit like our bed, blanket and 2 pillows.


Dani made a Lemon Tree, J made a lemon and a carton of lemonaid. My orange portrays a fish with lemon slices (really) and a drink with a slice of lemon. Mike made a lime instead of a lemon.

playdowagon.jpgWagon: Our last one for the night. Mike made a pioneer supply wagon. Deonna’s has a person and supplies in it also. J’s has a cute little handle that he spent 3 minutes working on, Dani got a bit upset at her wagon and the fact that it looked more like the Lock Ness monster. Sadly my little guy fell off the wagon….

Overall a fun game and it seemed like all ages were able to enjoy it (we’ve had problems trying to involve a non-reader into family game time)

If you try the game let me know!




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2 responses to “Family Fun

  1. Another fun idea to go along with that is to have the person (if they can read, if not, then 1 helper to help them read it) pick a card, do what the card says and everyone has to guess. You could make up a board, with whatever pieces you wanted (maybe you could make playdough pieces!) and for each correct guess at what they made, that person gets to move one forward.

    I love this idea. I think I’m stealing it 🙂 Maybe I’ll even have the girls help me make our own play dough! Thanks for sharing your idea 🙂

  2. Meadow

    What a fun game! I will file it away and hope to play it soon 🙂

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