18 to 24 days left

Test knit is done.

Old apartment still needs more cleaning.

New apartment still not quite set up how I want. (furniture wise)

Feeling blah.

Feeling depressed.

Pre-pardom blues? Does it happen?




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3 responses to “18 to 24 days left

  1. ooooh so sorry you are feeling blue!! The nesting energy should kick in soon!!! Perhaps it’s more frustration than the blues! Hang in there!

  2. Maybe it’s just the weather, not feeling summery enough? Sounds like you are trying to tackle alot at once. Try to give yourself a break. And breath.

  3. Susan

    I always felt like that the last bit of my pregnancies- although must admit I wasn’t a real pleasant pregnant lady anyhow. I always figured I was getting close when I was miserable and really really close when I started to feel good. Give yourself and breka and I hope you feel a bit better here soon. Thinking of you guys!

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