Here’s More Baby M

More Pictures:


About Allie the Alligator stuffed toy:
It’s been a somewhat family tradition to have a stuffed animal that is about the same size as the babies when they are born, so (technically speaking) through the years we can take photos of them with the stuffed toy and see how they’ve grown. (ooh and awe moments)

We’ve done better with Danielle and puppy, but Deonna and Sweets the bear and Michael with his teddy bear show up in pictures from time to time.

So a few weeks ago we went on a hunt to find Marissa her animal. We stopped by Hallmark where we found puppy, found a frog, a monkey, a few others but nothing really seemed right. (aka we out vetoed each other)

Went to another local store (Magic Moon Toys) and the selection shot up. There was a super cute grizzly teddy bear but I was afraid with the pure black fur it wouldn’t photo well. Anyway, there we were carrying around various stuffed animals (bears, bunnies, sharks, seals, raccoons) when we found Allie the Alligator.

So in the spur of the moment (aka, we were tired, hungry, contracting, grumpy and a bit twisted) Allie came home with us.


Did I mention we were twisted? (I mean we were trying to weigh Marissa last night in a salad bowl on a mail scale …..)


Allie the Guard Alligator



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2 responses to “Here’s More Baby M

  1. Susan

    What a beautiful baby you guys have there. Congrats!

  2. tanu

    hi john, nice pics. thanks for sending this link to me

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