Here I am…

My move of my pictures from typepad to wordpress has gone well. I have 4% left of WordPress storage before I’ll have to use something like Flickr


I’m knitting this log cabin blanket using left over Knitpick Crayon. It’s a nice yarn to do as a first log cabin knit because it’s bumpy enough to hide yarn tails. Although the tails haven’t been as bad as I thought, only 2 per color.

Speaking of Knitpicks. You can see, finally, one of the things I’ve test knitted from them.

It made a small appearance on my blog as this:


You can see the finished item here:


It’s a neat project and it taught me quite a few new things, like attatched Icord, applique with knit items, and mosaic colorwork (which I really enjoyed)  Let me know if you knit it!



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2 responses to “Here I am…

  1. I just got some Crayon to work with something for myself. and I think i is just great It’s like knitting a cloud! And you have 25 subscribers on Bloglines.. so more than 4 readers I would reckon!! Gotta add your new link!

  2. The blanket looks great! The colours really pop.

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