Friendly Fun

We had friends visit us this weekend from Texas. I met “C” in Junior High and we became Sister Friends. Life moved her away from us, to Korea, and other places in the world. She met “R” there and they have two children “B” and “M” who are close to Deonna and Michael in age.

The highlight of the visit was swimming in our apartment complex pool.

Deonna Swimming


Michael, B and M swimming


Dani Swimming and being way to brave for mom.


Marissa sad that she couldn’t go swimming


Jon and C and R all enjoying the water:


Here’s hoping another 5 years won’t go by before we see them again!



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One response to “Friendly Fun

  1. "R"

    We Had Fun! Although I didn’t see any pics of You. Oh well I guess I just have to put the ones I took of you on Myspace.
    OH and as long as you move to Texas before the 5 years is up your wish will come true! See Ya’ll Soon!!!

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