Mystery Stole 3

I knitted the Mystery Stole 2 back in Januarary.  So when I heard that the MS3 group had opened I jumped aboard expecting the limited amount of knitters like last time. Boy was I wrong. There are over 6k knitters on the list!

I’m usually not one that jumps and does what the crowd does. In fact, I usually avoid it and purposely attempt to go against what the crowd does. So it’s been hard knitting this. With M crying every time I pick up needles and knowing that so many others are knitting it, I’m not finding the greatest amount of Joy in the project. Thusly, I’m behind. I started clue 2 today and am on about row 116. Clue 4 will be released on Friday.

I’m using the wrong ‘color’ choice for the shawl, but decided to knit from stash. It’s Oregon Coast colorway from Knitpicks Shadow collection.  It’s a sort of a brown with blues, pinks etc heathered in.

You might also notice that I’m not using beads. I couldn’t find any bead love at Michael’s when I went looking.

The last thing that makes my shawl look different from others is the larger boarder edge. I added 2 more stitches to each side for a total of 4, and I began by casting on 5 stitches, knitting a few rows,  and increasing to accomplish that. I think I will like it more with a slightly larger boarder, hopefully the shawl won’t cause to much trouble with the other side with me doing this.

Here’s the somewhat blocked picture of it from today. I forgot to measure it before I unblocked it to see how wide it was, Doh!




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2 responses to “Mystery Stole 3

  1. You’re much farther along than me, because alas… I had to start over for the eleventieth time. I’m still trying to finish the first clue. But I’m not trying to beat the clues each time they come out. If I rushed myself, I’d be doing a lot worse than I am. I actually had to take a hiatus from the lace for a bit because I was getting so frustrated. It looks so pretty, so I’m not giving it up. But I want to enjoy it, not fight with it, so thus, the break.

    Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  2. You are so ambitious! I can only imagine how much effort that represents. Good for you!

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