Exercise Time

Well, I exercised today. By myself. A few nights ago I dragged Jon over to our Apartment’s gym and we walked a bit. Tonight he has a meeting, so I figured if I wanted to exercise I’d do it on my own. After an hour of calming down Marissa, feeding, changing, holding etc her, I finally asked the kids to watch her while I went over there this afternoon.
Grabbed my Zen, tuned into my Dune (the book) on mp3 and got to work.

Started with some arm exercises, not much 3lbs and 20 to 25 each for the front and back of my arms.

Then fiddled around with the tredmill finally settling on a solid 30 min, 150 calories, 1.20 miles walked (I know not much but I’m really out of shape)

Then back to more arm weights and leg work outs (legs at 5lbs)

Because I don’t like the tredmill programs (I stopped and stopped alot today above the 30 mins testing each one out) I went home and drew up a manual program that I think will work for me.

It’s over 40 mins, it starts off at 1.5, works up to 2 miles an hour, for 5 mins, then works up to 3 miles and hour for 5 mins, then back down to 2 for 5 mins and then a cool off. For now Incline will be set at 0. I’ll work on that later. Might need to adjust it to see what that equals in calories/miles/etc.

I think I figured 2 miles a day walking the kids to school, so I have a bit over a month to work up my endurance.

So far, from my highest weight ever I’m negative 30 lbs. From before I got pregnant with Marissa, I’m negative 28, and from after having her I’m negative 18. (yeah, I lost weight while pregnant with her) My mini goal is 11lbs by… ??? Don’t know. I have a family reunion on the 9th of August. How about then.


Knitting News:


If you read my blog yesterday you know I hate jumping on band wagons and doing stuff everyone else is doing. Wonder what childhood trauma caused this in me?

Well because of that, I waited a LONG time in putting my name into the Beta test. (figure it’s a scam, that when the beta is over it’s going to cost 20 bucks a month or something to be a member of, so why join something and get excited about it… I’m such a skeptic )


Because of that this is where I stand on the Beta lineup:

Found you!

  • You signed up on July 16, 2007
  • You are #17620 on the list.
  • 11311 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 1231 people are behind you in line.
  • 32% of the list has been invited so far

Hmph… serves me right.




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2 responses to “Exercise Time

  1. Good for you! The other thing to consider along with exercise is calories. Last year when I was dieting, I counting all my calories – which is probably something that would be impossible to do with small children in the house – but the things I found that added the most calories were beverages so I drank alot of water and diet sodas instead. And ate alot of popcorn… pretty filling and not alot of calories.

  2. Susan

    I got moved with you. Keep up that walking then you won’t have an excuse not to go to Disneyland with us next year (hint hint).

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