She Thinks My Hair is Funny

So, I found out what makes Marissa smile.  Apparently my hair is super duper funny. All I have to do is stand over her and shake shake shake it, and she’ll let out a cute little smile.  I’m trying not to take it personal…….


Another Test Knit of mine has shown up on Knitpicks.

Diagonal Check Socks from the Book — More Sensational Socks

Diagonal Check SOcks

Diagonal Check Socks - Details

I hated sending these in. They were some of the first socks in a long time that actually fit me perfectly! I have the book though so I can always make more. In my free – sleepfilled/snort – time.

My latest test knit (it involves felting and fair isle!) is ready to send back to them this week.


I put a hold on the Mystery Shawl Knit.  I’ve heard that if you modified the pattern like I have you’ll hate yourself after the next clue. So, I’m waiting to see what odd things might show up next.

Instead I went back to my idea of designing a shawl. I re-dug out my books and pattern I was working on earlier this year and remodified it to allow more open spaces of stockinette. My hope is to make the Celtic type designs pop more if they are surrounded by more areas of plain knit.

So far I’ve been calling the shawl my Banana Shawl because it’s being knitted out of Cotton Fine – Banana.  Here’s a small picture of it so far:

Banana Shawl


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  1. The socks look great. Maybe your daughter could learn how to knit and make them for you! 🙂

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