12.5 Miles Later….

August has been a busy month. It brought our 13th wedding anniversary,  a family reunion, starting the Kids back to school, and a finished test knit.  Doesn’t seem like much but really is quite a bit!

Here’s to 13 years my Prince:

The Kids are back in school. It was a year of changes. My oldest started middleschool, my ‘almost’ youngest started Kindergarten and the 4th grader started a new school. Woosh!

The hardest part has been the walking the 4th and K’er back and forth to school. Using Mapmyrun.com I’ve realized that all the walking I do each day to get them there and back adds up to 2.5 miles!  Hence the Blog Title: I’ve walked 12.5 miles this week. That’s alot for me. I wish I was seeing a difference in my looks, but alas, I’ve think I’ve gained weight and I don’t think it’s muscle!

I’ve been knitting. I’m working at the moment on the Banana shawl, a Log cabin baby blanket, and the Baby Surprise Jacket by EZ.

I just boxed up and am mailing my latest test knit back to KnitPicks. It was a scarf.

And now the Baby Pictures that I know some of you are looking for:


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  1. Great pictures! I love the one with the mirror – very creative. You guys are looking well. Hopefully things will quiet down a little now that the house is mostly empty during the day!

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