Jumbo Mumbo Bumbo


Originally uploaded by Tina – Ladydove

More of Marissa in her Bumbo. It’s a fun fun plum plum place to sit her bum bum, dumb dumb. Want some some gum gum for your tum tum? It’s num num gum gum. Yum Yum!*

(yeah, kids are seriously taking over my brain here. I really need a break — girls night out, something… help)

*See Night at the Museum for reference



Filed under Family Life

3 responses to “Jumbo Mumbo Bumbo

  1. Dum Dum want gum gum? That is a cute Bumbo

  2. OH my gosh, is she cute!

    I’m shocked! There’s another out there like me in Utah?

    Thanks for your comment. I know life goes on, it just piled up on me the last two weeks. Today, I start climbing out.

    God will provide. He always does.

    Email me!

  3. did you go to TNIK this week??

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