I’ve made the jump.

I’m falling!

Not sure how I’ll end up. Could be a horrible *Splat*

I wish I knew more handspinners personally. I have no idea if I’m doing what I’m doing right or not. I’ve read a few webpages, saw Knitty Gritty, and eyed a spinner here or there. I’m doing the ‘inch worm’ technique (I think!) Spin the spindle, stop the spindle, inch my way up the roving. Repeat.

I’m concerned. It seems really thick, especially if I have to ply it (Then again I’m drawn to lace weight yarns…. ) Am I over spinning? One website said I wanted alot of over spin for plying. Were they telling the truth. I have no clue. Keep going and see at the end?

Do I set the ply before plying. So many questions.. so many confusing websites.

But it’s fun.

If you hear a scream past your window that’s me jumping into something new.




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3 responses to “Jumped

  1. Great photos! I love the lemon props. Unfortunately, I can’t offer much advice about spinning since I don’t but check out Knitty, there might be some articles that could help you.

  2. your first yarn will ALWAYS be thick. Right now you’re not focusing on the yarn. Focus on the drafting. that’s what you are working on. The yarn is just secondary to learning to draft.

    I’d highly recommend getting Spinning in the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. It’s a great book for learning to spin on a drop spindle.

  3. Your singles look fine, and you can always knit socks with them. 🙂 A good way to check gauge is to check your wpi. You can double the yarn back on itself a few inches check your gauge, make sure you are spinning the weight of yarn that you need.
    I agree with Miriam, focus on the drafting, let the spindle hit the floor with your spun yarn before you wind it up on the spindle. I have a little bottle of water that I spray the spun yarn with after it’s on the spindle. Just a light mist, let it dry, and then ply. It seems to help.
    With practice you will be able to slim down or thicken up your spun yarn, it’s all in the feel. Different wools produce a different hand. It’s all good!

    Enjoy your day
    Great Pictures!

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