Baby Surprise Jacket

I finished knitting my Cotton Fleece Baby Surprise Jacket for Baby M.

This one turned out much nicer than the acrylic one. The stripes were done with a random online stripe generator, in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 increments.

Because I know things area always cuter on babies, here are those shots:

On the Needles:

1) A poncho

2) Banana self design shawl

3) White mock cable baby blanket I found in bottom of box

4) Triangle, top down, entrelac shawl in 4 purples.

5) Red roving on my spindle

I think that’s about it. I’m trying deserparetly not to cast on any more til those are done, but the new yarns I got from are really tempting.



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5 responses to “Baby Surprise Jacket

  1. Great sweater! I just got the book yesterday and spent my commute home looking through it. I love it! In addition to the baby surprise sweater, I also really like the heart hat and the poncho. Maybe I’ll even find time to make all three! 🙂

  2. musicangel7

    You are better than me. I think I currently have 15 or more projects on the needles!
    Dani, your fellow local drop spindler.

  3. Rita said at the store, because the weather is too icky to be outside.

  4. undeniable232

    OMG, so cute
    beautiful work

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