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I haven’t been writing. It was pointed out to me by Tola.  This is true, but really, what should I write about.

I can (and will) post pictures of some of my work in progress below, but if you knit with me on Thursday’s you’ve seen my “A.D.D Much”  attitude with lots of projects and very little finished objects.

I have pictures of the kids I can post and probably will after this weekend trip up to see the family in Idaho.  Let’s see anything exciting going on in my life…. hmmmm…. hmm… ‘fraid not.   We get up, some of us eat breakfast, some of us walk to school or school bus, some of us feed baby bottles and gets her dress and hope for a nap, some of us come home from lunch and eat sandwiches, a few of us walk to school to pick up some of us, and we all come home and eat dinner, some of us whine, some of us fight, some of us laugh, some of us poop, some of us go to bed.  Pretty much rinse and repeat. Life ala the boring side of the menu.  But I think I’ll take the calm and mundane left over few months of 2007, since 2008 promises to be full of excitement and stress and anything but mundane.

But for those of you that don’t sit next to me on Thursday Nights here is what’s in my knitting bag.

A purple entrelac top down triangle shawl. A work in progress as well as a learning experience for a future “in my mind” project.  BTW: Purple is impossible to photograph!  It’s knitted in garter stitch and while that makes it reversable, I’m not sure I’m liking that look.

A simple shawl I’m designing and will appear on the blog for free. It uses the basic 4 increases every other row top down triangle shawl design, with color changes and a “K1, yo” drop stitch type pattern row. It’s being knit in Knitpicks Shadow Sunset and Oregon Coast, except when ever I see the Oregon Coast colorway I think Oregon Trail instead. Hence the working name “Sunset Trail Shawl”  Stay tune, it’s a fast knit and I hope to have the pattern posted soon. Thinking of maybe doing a ruffle cast off?

Lately on the blog you’ve seen my trials into Handspinning using a spindle. Everyone says to keep your first handspuns, that they are special.  (or was it that I’m special… I’m not sure.)  Well, I’m not one to leave random tiny skeins of yarn around to pet and fondle, so I decided to make my first 5 handspuns into a wallhanging.

The wallhanging is made from mostly Fine Wool-Mixed breed roving. A stripe of Green, Blue, Red, then a green/blue varigation I tried.  It’s being hung by the 5th handspun, where I attempted to navaho ply using a spindle. It’s a bit wonky, just like me and if I took time to block it (imagine that idea) it probably hang straighter.  But I love the yarn! I am so amazed how it knits up. It’s soft! And I made it! Squeal!

I’ve spun on some more of the blue roving to take with me this weekend on my trip.  That and Sunset Trails will be coming with me I think, not that I ever have time to craft on trips, but I always think someday I will.




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3 responses to “Once upon a Blog

  1. Yay, thanks for sharing! The entrelac shawl is interesting, but I’m with you on the way garter-lac looks – okay but not great. The other two are nice. Will you keep the shawl when you’re done?

  2. musicangel7

    I am so Jealous. Your spinning is so beautiful! It took me a lot longer to reach that point! Did you work on the entralac shawl last night? I don’t remember seeing it, but then I was trying to figure out the changes I had to make on the tulip hats I am working on.

  3. oh it all looks so lovely!

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