I want to blog but….

I can’t. Well I can. But I can’t.

I’m having picture issues. WordPress gives you 50mb for picture hosting free but I used that up moving over from typepad. I got a flickr account, but then I got another one for my raverly picturs and now I’m confused what flickr is what and it’s a mess.

So until I fix it, I might not blog much.

I’ve been knitting, I’ll show you what… someday.

Happy Holidays!




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11 responses to “I want to blog but….

  1. musicangel7

    Poor you hopefully you will get it working soon. Have fun without me at knitting night. I have obligations going on tonight. I will miss being there. By the way, no baby yet.

  2. What’s the problem with Flickr? I use mine for Ravelry and for my blog. Are you over you monthly limit? Or are they giving you some message about things not showing up? I went over that limit a LONG time ago but I don’t worry about it… once I’ve blogged it and added it to Ravelry, I don’t usually need it again… and if I do and I can’t find it, I just upload it again.

    Let me know if I can help!

  3. Tola

    ill be there thursday. by then ill need 2-3 hours out with adults just to keep my sanity.

  4. Hey you, email me please. I need to talk to you about Miss Tola 😉

  5. Tola

    Happy Christmas! love and miss you

  6. Кажется, дурная статья

  7. Камрад съешь сала

  8. Уважаемый юморист

  9. Текст неплохой, закину сайт в закладки.

  10. То ли в википедии, то ли еще где я уже замечал такую инфу хотя пофиг

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