2008 – The year of hats

This will be the year of hats for me. My plan is to knit 1 hat a week, until fall. Ravelry is going to be the best tool.

I am also using up my stash. My hope is to use up all the yarn except the lace weight and the sock weight yarn. I should have plenty to keep me busy.

This hat is called “1989” It was a purchased pattern from Bowerbirds Knits.

Yarn: Encore. Needles: Size 6

Links to hats most likely will be to Ravelry. If you don’t have it yet, get it. I’m Ladydove there.
No apologizes that I love it. I use it as a search engine for patterns, and that by itself is the best reason to have it. No more wading through Google trying to find that hat pattern I saw once. No, I’m not very good at putting my stash and patterns, and books up, but I’m very good at spending to many minutes a day looking at all the patterns!

I have 3 hats finished. This was the first one, and it was quite an interesting knit. It used a few new increases I’ve not used before. I’m not sure about the decreases. I think she missed an important part of the instructions (shifting stitches) but it worked out fine. Though in fact I believe I like the inside of the hat better than the outside.



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2 responses to “2008 – The year of hats

  1. Is this hat knit from the top down, or cuff up? It looks great, can’t wait to see more hats! I, too, and making it the year of hats, because there’s a specific charity I want to give them to.

  2. Nice hat. Are these hats going to be made for specific recipients? 52 hats is quite ambitious!

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