Hat 4 for 2008 and Family pics

Knitting Life

Hat number 4 isn’t quite a hat. Did I mention that I’m going for more of a ‘headware’ type, which means it won’t always be hats. Some of my yarn will probably find itself into headbands etc. This falls under that catagory.

Pattern: Rosie the Riveter I hate to say it, but I think there are some major problems with the pattern, starting from the cast on, but I worked through making adjustments as I thought it needed and got a pretty nifty item.  Still not a fan of bobbles though, but I like the idea and could see knitting more with a different pattern. I really like the ribbing look.

February will see me test knitting some more, but I still hope to keep up with the knitting hats of 2008. Right now I’m working on a hat that uses elongated stitches. I’m also working on a shawl with elongated stitches.

 Family Life: 

Spent the weekend watching Mike do his Science fair project. The Water Wall and capillary action.

And of course the baby pictures of Jan.


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