A New Blog Post

Creative Title eh? This post is super heavy with pictures… don’t lift with out bending the knees.


What? A Camera? Now? But I’m not dressed for it!

Okay, okay. I’ll smile anyway!
M is 8 months old yesterday. Time flies when we are having fun.

Isn’t there a song out there that goes something like ‘Say my name, say my name?”

I think that’s what I do most days with her. “Say my name M, Mama, say it… Mama”

That and singing ‘I’m a stinky girl, in a stinky world”(that Barbie song…) when changing diapers. I may have lost it sometime back in January.

This is a little bit of a finished Project Knit I’ve completed for Knitpicks.

I enjoyed working finally with lace weight yarn.


2 Hats for Hats for 2008 Project. If my math is correct, I’m in week 7 of the year. These are 5 and 6 so if I cast on today I’ll be on time. The test knit slowed a few things down. On the needles I also have a Pi R Square shawl, Tweety Pi shawl, and Offset Diamond Stole.

Details on the above hats will be in another post soon.


Sunset Trails shawl is also done but not blocked yet. Details and free pattern for that should follow soon also.


Got to go. This is the trouble she’s getting into while I write this blog post.  I guess she wants to find a job.



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2 responses to “A New Blog Post

  1. Looks more like she was reading the funnies… just keeping herself entertained! 🙂

  2. Tola

    youve “lost it” because i moved away! awwww, i miss you too.

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