Hat Update 2008

Okay let’s see where I am for my Hats for 2008

Today begins week 9 of the year (63 days in)

Hat 1: “1989”


Hat 2: Ball Band Toddler Hat


Hat 3: Vyridia Fair Isle Hat


Hat 4: Rosie the Riveter Head Scarf


Hat 5: Pink Alpaca Smoke Ring


Hat 6: Elongated Knit Hat


Hat 7: Scrappy Gems


Hat 8:Heart Lace hat. Pattern found here at a friends blog: MusicAngel7


I changed the pattern a bit. Only 60 stitches, 4 repeats, 6 decreases and an added eyelet rows between repeats.


Marissa says it could be a bit longer. I was running out of yarn or I would have. She’s letting me know her ear sticks out, but I didn’t want to tell her she just has big ears…..


Hat 9: No clue, but I have all week to find a pattern and knit it. Looks like I’m right on schedule!

I’m also attempting 2 socks at once on one circular needle. The first pair made it past the heel turn and some of the gusset but I realized that they were to big. I’m recasting on with different yarn and 48 stitches. I just can’t knit tight enough anymore! Good thing I won’t wear the socks all the time, they won’t last long since they aren’t that tightly knit. 6 stitches per inch is all I can do with the needles I have.



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2 responses to “Hat Update 2008

  1. Can’t wait to see those socks! If you’re feeling brave, you could try my hat pattern, Hodology.

  2. I like the variation on my hat!

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