Newborn Bonnet

Hat 9 for Hats for 2008

Newborn Bonnet


US 6 / 4.0 mm

Plymouth Dreambaby DK Solid

0.5 skeins = 91.5 yards (83.7m)

Obviously I changed the pattern quite a bit. I started with a 3 stitch icord, knitting til about 10 inches long. I then cable casted on the stitches for the brim, knitted the brim pattern (shells/eyelet row) and joined the pale purple. I knitted the rest of the bonnet pretty much as it said, except doing plain knitting and purling instead of the lace. I was happy to find that I was able to use the dark purple after the turn to pick up and knit the ribbing on the bottom. I’m glad I didn’t cut it! I finished by binding off, slipped stitched a few stitches to get the yarn where I needed it and finished with a 3 stitch icord bindoff on the other side.

I love this pattern, no seams, and in this case only 4 easy to weave in ends (2 for the icord)


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  1. nettogirl

    Thinking of you Tina and praying for you…

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